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    easy fix to global warming: just make it cooler

    We’re gonna need a huge pair of sunglasses

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    Antonio Lee
    Oil and acrylic on canvas. 115cm x 170cm

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  6. Life is as short as my hair (pretty short) hehe i’m funny.


  7. I don’t understand my parents. They want to know everything about me, but at the same time I could never talk about me and my problems, my worries, or what is going on in my head with them, because when I try they usually get really angry because most of it involves them, or they just make it sound ridiculous, because they don’t understand it. Ever. I have the feeling, that when I start talking, even if it’s just how my day went or something really superficial, they don’t even listen to me properly. I got to the point where I just scream my thoughts at them, because that’s the only way to communicate. Screaming, arguing, swearing. And even when I cry and scream and shiver, they don’t take it seriously. Laughing at me or telling me that I’m a hysterical bitch is the only answer I can expect. Knowing, that if we would talk properly to each other, listen to what the other person has to say, it would change so much. But they never talk to me and neither they want to hear me talking. It’s terrible to have dinner with them, nobody’s talking, unless we have guests or I am talking, more or less to myself. How I wish to get out.

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  14. in my pjs with tea and a warm water bottle, i’m going to rewatch my neighbour totoro now. i deserve it because i had a 4 hour long german class test today, so frick off.


  15. I’m just a huge fucking annoying disappointment in everyone who knows me.